Thursday, February 9, 2012


did anyone notice that I recently added a new page of my 'artwork' here on the blog?

the new embedded slideshow makes it easier for me to add new works at any time
and at the same time its just a wee bit harder for wanna-be piccie pinchers

(but trying to gather all the pics of my artwork into one place is like herding cats...

and I'm sure I've left a moggie or two behind somewhere...

ahh well...)



  1. lovely! i didn't notice the new tab only b/c i subscribe through a reader, so i don't ever actually see the entire blog each time you post. so i am glad you let us know about it. also, i tried last night to peek but the slideshow didn't work on my ipad. then again, it's a 1st-generation--maybe it does work on 2nd-generation ipads.

    the comparison to herding cats is perfect!

  2. Lovely slideshow Ronnie, thanks for sharing.

  3. thanks for the support guys - and the feedback regards i-pad aimee - I have heard that i-pad has some dramas with flash etc.... maybe picasa's slideshow also gives it hiccups?


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx