Thursday, April 20, 2017

the collection is growing...

I have been thoroughly enjoying myself
adding to my collection of book models...

 non-japanese stab binding

long stitch with slotted cover

'V' fold double pamphlet 

 french door

some of my models date back to my earliest moments in book arts
here's the small models showing 3 stages of a multi-section paper case book

I made these over 2 decades ago
as part of my Diploma of Western Calligraphy
(yes there once was a wonderful Diploma level course in calligraphy...
our education system has been stripped of
all manner of practical and creative courses....
try finding a ceramics course these days in a TAFE or University...
stupid short-sighted bureaucrats and politicians)

Some of the models are sedate and very recognisable as 'a book'
others however really push the book envelope...

whirlwind scroll

coptic 'flower' 

(remember this form I 'discovered' some years ago?
I posted making instructions here )

I'll leave you with one of the most satisfying moments
this week in book model making...


square flexagon

(ps you can see all the book models on my IG )