Tuesday, August 27, 2013

writing (and writing)

the big push

to complete and print the MFA exegesis draft for the examiners

(its to be submitted next weekish)

I'm making work (to go in the exegesis to go to the examiners...)

so I'm writing (and writing)

ruling pen in hand - trials and trials

('if at first you don't succeed' trial trial again)

the handpenned title page for
(what I hope will be) a special book
to form part of my MFA exhibition

(more on that soon)

now -- its back to the studio for me!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TAG - 15

32 volumes of The Encyclopeadia of the World and its People

placed on the tide line

Cuttagee Beach, Bermagui


Monday, August 19, 2013

support your local independent bookstore...

buy a book this book week!

(or do as I did today -- go bind a book in their store!)

(ronnie hands are faster than an hi-fone!)

ronnie binding tools.... 

simple, small, fit in a pencil case...

 a very rare pic of ronnie-the-mad-book-lady 

with my looooooooooooooong book

(and new books ..... mmmmmmmmm candelo bookstore books!)

more ronnie hands...

for those who would like to see me truly hamming it up for South East Arts

check out their facebook page 

we now return you to your regular program

 (thanks to angela for taking the pics on my hi-fone)



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

book week

August 17 - 23 is National Book Week

and this year I decided I'm going to celebrate by lugging my Very Long Book

into Candelo Books Bega

on Monday August 19

for a spot of public binding and blabbing about BOOOOOOOOOKS


I'll no doubt be chatting about things from my MFA research project

like Coptic binding

or encyclopaedias

or 'the death of the book'

or book arts

or biblioclasm

or whatever else tickles the fancy of passing people....

if you are in the neighbourhood - please drop in and say hiya!
(I'll let you pat the book if you smile nicely...)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TAG - 14

four classic novels fill the gap...

 in the granite foundations 

of the old (and long gone) sams creek bridge