Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ex libris... in the works

I've been working my way into my giant pile of books - and starting to make something of them....

I'll show and share a little bit more of what I'm up to here in a short while....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

'insight' @ spiral gallery

I often get so involved in work (life...) that I forget to blog all sort of stuff! Like this - I was invited to join in with Spiral Gallery members for a great and fun exhibition titled 'insight' - its on now at the gallery (until march 12... I think... exact dates are another of those things I tend to forget...)

The idea of 'insight' was those things that inspire the creative process - items or collections from the home or studio...

I took the whole thing rather literally - and I took in both my little piece 'debut in pink' (its had a few outings now) and the photo that inspired the whole series... still in its original frame ( shhhhh - mum and dad are away and don't know I've nicked it off the sidetable - I'll get it back before they return... I hope)

and yes that's me in my official pic from the 1971 Cobargo Debutante Ball where I was flowergirl - ahhhhh my first (and many argue final) true girlie moment - look at those curls.... juxtaposed against the dead straight fringe (I had/have dead straight hair - my mother believed curls were superior to straight hair... thanks mum) - she also always insisted on hacking all my hair off (this was the early '70s - era of the ultra long hair... think marcia brady.... thanks mum - way to make me popular)..... the comic/tragic tales of my childhood were central to the works of last year.

you've gotta laugh about it all - 'cause there's no going back and doing it again (save me!)