Sunday, September 28, 2014

getting creative with permaculture...

I've completed a small PDF booklet 

that's an introduction to a far more extensive project

 Getting Creative with Permaculture
is a distillation of things from my essay/ blog posting/ etc.

Permaculture in the Practice

and my presentation at the recent
 South East Permaculture Convergence

My mini booklet/presentation
is primarily aimed at folk who have completed a
PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate)

There are some terms and concepts that permaculture people
will recognise and understand implicitly
so I haven't elaborated on them,
but I think even those not overly familiar with
the permutations of permaculture
will be able to follow along easily
(oh and you can always have a read of that essay to flesh things out eh)

I'd love to hear your feedback
particularly any brave souls who would like to participate
in the next stage of the project

an idea shared is an idea expanded

(or at least I hope so)

**ps - if you click on the linked title you'll be magically transported to the google drive version of the booklet


Friday, September 12, 2014

pruning and random rough weaving...

I'm late
 the season has turned
winter is giving way to spring blossoms

but still I haven't finished pruning my orchard!

I am working furiously to get all the trees lopped before everything is in blossom and leaf

 all the pruned bits piling up are giving me ideas...

(hmmmm I wonder how hard it is to weave rough hurdles 
with apple/plum/quince/peach prunings?)

I've found it's quite easy (and fun) to form rough wreaths
from gathered clematis prunings... 

and the kiwi vines come together nicely to form a rough bower...

although rather unwieldy 
I enjoyed creating a rough 'nest' from the pruned bits of grape vine

tiger was a great help with everything

(of course)

"if you build it - they will come"


Monday, September 8, 2014

garden therapy...

 I spent the afternoon with my gorgeous mumma
(and the local garden club)
at a delish-ous garden

there is a gorgeous bamboo grove
with different varieties of cold-tolerant clumping bamboo

 I fell a little bit in love with the large tibetan prayer wheel...

and the various water containers scattered around the garden

 and structures made from harvested bamboo

 I made a new friend...

and got LOTS of ideas... 



 and found some things to take home

there's something about gardens that makes my heart sing

and brings peace to the soul