Sunday, November 30, 2008

computer deaths are never pretty...

well we got some lovely welcome rain yesterday and we were all about to do the happy dance at sams creek - when I realised...

my dear old computer didn't make it though the storm...

it's cactus

and that means I won't be posting for the next wee while - it may be into january before I replace my dear dead mac (sob) and can get back into posting what's happening both in the studio - and on the farm (on the sams creek farm blog)

it feels like the 'if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?' philosophic question - only in this case it's - 'if I don't blog it - does it really happen?'... and the answer I know is - yep it's life as usual here as sams creek

so I'll 'see' you all again sometime soon... be good!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

30 x 30 x 30 exhibition

A quick update - my little piece blogged earlier has been selected for '30 x 30 x 30' - an exhibition of work from faulty and staff of Monash Uni at the Art & Design faculty gallery


The show opened last night (and as it's in Melbourne - of course I didn't attend) and runs until Dec 6

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

layer it! workshop report


What a weekend!

I've just spent 2 of the most fantastic days any teacher/tutor can spend - nestled amongst enthusiastic, engaging, talented, generous students - this time in the spacious (ok - cavernous..) space of Primrose Park - headquarters of the ASC...

Primrose Park Paperworks

I felt very honoured - and not a little daunted - to be leading such a marvelous group - I've admired the work of many of those lining up to hear my 'words of wisdom'... it made me wonder what on earth I could add to their already extensive knowledge-bank...

'Layer It!' did have an ambitious program - I was hoping to get through 4 distinct areas or 'layers' during the 2 days: layers in lettering, layers in paint, layers in collage and (my particular pet) layers of meaning...

Look at them all - waiting for me to stop taking piccies and get on with the show!

No matter how long a workshop is - it never feels quite long enough... here are some of the workshop participants works in progress at the start of day 2 - backgrounds have been created and a first layer of lettering has been applied - waiting for the magic of glaze applications....

by the end of day 2 the works are only just beginning really - oh how I wish we had another day (or two)... I can only imagine how some works may turn out... here's Bob's piece after it's initial layers of lettering and glaze... I do hope he works on this at home and sends me a finished pic - this is such a promising start...

and I only had just enough time to start to talk about layers of meaning... maybe I'll just have to talk about that on another visit... ('Layer it some more'?)

Thanks to everyone who came - hope you keep on 'layering it!'

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Layer It!

Next weekend I’m off to Primrose Park, headquarters and home-base for the Australian Society of Calligraphers (ASC), in Sydney.

I’m taking participants (victims?) through my 2 workshop - ‘Layer It!’ – I’m thrilled that the 2 day workshop has been booked out (!) months in advance.

I’ve been a Guild Member for the ASC since 1995 – but this is the first time I’m off to teach a workshop in Sydney.

I don’t go away to teach workshops very often – I do have 2 rather young kiddies after all (Sass is 6, EJ is 3) and I’m never all that keen to leave either them or my beloved Sams Creek...
Last year I presented the same workshop for the Coffs Calligraphers as an extension of my stint as their guest artist (for the exhibition ‘Botanical Rhythms’)

'Weight of Words'
Rhonda Ayliffe
from 'Botanical Rhythms' exhibition - Coffs Harbour - 2007

I had such a wonderful time that when I was approached by the ASC to teach, I was keen to repeat the good times… and just like then, I’ll try to keep my homesickness to a minimum…

I’ll hopefully have some nice pics and stories about my time away - and I'll share them when I return (I bet all sorts of things will be going on here in my absence.... I wonder if anyone will be game to record the mischief?)