Sunday, November 30, 2008

computer deaths are never pretty...

well we got some lovely welcome rain yesterday and we were all about to do the happy dance at sams creek - when I realised...

my dear old computer didn't make it though the storm...

it's cactus

and that means I won't be posting for the next wee while - it may be into january before I replace my dear dead mac (sob) and can get back into posting what's happening both in the studio - and on the farm (on the sams creek farm blog)

it feels like the 'if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?' philosophic question - only in this case it's - 'if I don't blog it - does it really happen?'... and the answer I know is - yep it's life as usual here as sams creek

so I'll 'see' you all again sometime soon... be good!

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