Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TAG - 9...

the partially excavated site of the old fireplace

at the newly rediscovered

Sams Creek schoolhouse 

an Encyclopaedia Britannica is set alight

  and left to be

one day later...

 only a small shadow remnant can be found

echoing the fate of the old school 

that is no more...


Friday, May 24, 2013

I've got my eye on Hugh...

A few months ago a film crew moved into a farmhouse 
just 12kms up the road from my little place
and since then we've spied the big boxy camera and big fuzzy boom mic
being pointed at foody and farming types
around our area

very soon 
River Cottage Australia
will be launched on (pay) TV screens around this fair land

(can I get an 'oh myyyyyyy' from you all?)

I'm remaining resolutely on the fence about the whole thing

I've always rather liked Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the River Cottage thang
(even if some of the things Hugh gets up to down on the farm give me the giggles
or make my eyebrows start rolling around my head like demented marbles)

but River Cottage Australia is not being hosted by Hugh
it's hard to know how RCA will be received...

at any rate I expect it will be fun to play 'name that local-yokel'
and see our region on the (little) big screen

(last time this part of the world had this much filming fuss was when
 'The Man Who Sued God'
came to town....

 (yes that's bermi harbour in the film trailer...)


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

blog post about the radio interview where I talk blogs...

Want to hear me a podcast of my daggy little self 
with Ian Campbell on ABC South East radio this morning
where I talked blogs 
(local blogs and bloggers that is)

A Bee Ceramic mosaic birdbath (ABC - hee hee hee - did you see what I did there to make the piccie relevant? )
this is from a local garden I took my mumma to visit last week... 

yes of COURSE you do!

(oooo golly I just realised that for many mates out there in the blogospere -
this will be the first time you will hear me 

good luck understanding my very broad regional aussie accent
and surviving the 'mutant jockey' voice!)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TAG - 8...

25 volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica
laid open on a cow track...


one small and very fast sams creek girl


Sunday, May 5, 2013

International Permaculture Day (today)

For International Permaculture Day
EJ and I took a short road trip...

just 20kms down the road..

hee hee hee - check out the hound coming to great us as we headed down the driveway...
there's Mumbulla mountain in the distance

was fairing after 18months... and you can look for yourselves!

the food forest is still in the establishment period -
all the groundwork has been done - with the extensive swales and terraces working very very well 
young acacias, comfrey, yarrow, clumping bamboo, bana and vetiver grass,
 free seeded daisies and random vege and tamarillos are all going brilliantly
soon john will be planting some of the main perennial species
Mediterranean plants like olives for the dry slope, 
avacado and macadamia for the moist slopes

look at the tamarillos and comfrey
(the hundreds of little comfrey that started as itty bitty root cuttings
seem to have all established - quite amazing!)

Ej enjoyed playing 'mountain goat' with me
(its quite a steep terraced slope!)

and in typical garden/permaculture way - of course john dug up a segment of bana grass
for us to take home for our garden

(of goods, labour, stories)
is what community is all about 
and the permaculture mob are a wonderful sharing mob

and in that spirit - here's a video message for IPD 
from permaculture co-originator, David Holmgren

 *PS - if you followed the link to the Brogo Permculture website  -
check out the piccie of a daggy looking gal in a mauve shirt operating the theodolite...
yep its yours truly....