Tuesday, November 22, 2016


  oh gosh

so slack

spending time hanging out in instagrammaland

instead of here

and then there have been Very Big Life things to deal with

but I managed to get a couple of things completed for this group show...

 which is still open at Spiral Gallery in Bega
(I think? see... I'm not paying much attention)

I put together a box of double-sided printed postcards
from what I'm referring to as the 'bound knowledge' series

(yes I'll post all 8 designs shortly -
hint - they have all been posted on my insta feed if you'd like to take a looksee)

 I also created 2 sculptural booky pieces for the show....

 (a wee detail)

  (another wee detail)

'Tacit Knowledge'

 Tacit Knowledge: repurposed bible, hand-twined string, crocheted cotton,
found feather, dried seed pod, cows tail hair, metal sprocket, glass.

"Tacit knowledge is the kind of knowledge
that is difficult to transfer to another person
by means of writing it down or verbalizing it."*
Riding a bike, knitting, making bread,
playing a musical instrument, speaking a language
are all examples of tacit knowledge.

'Explicit knowledge'

Explicit knowledge: repurposed bible, hand-twined string, found feathers, 
satin ribbon, metal washers, metal sprocket, glass.

 "Explicit knowledge is knowledge that can be readily articulated,
codified, accessed and verbalized.
It can be easily transmitted to others.
Most forms of explicit knowledge can be stored in certain media.
The information contained in encyclopedias and textbooks
are good examples of explicit knowledge."*

 installation plinth view


opening night pundits at 'interwoven'


*(thank you wiki)