Saturday, April 12, 2008

don't you just loooooove it when someone shoves your work on flickr without your knowledge?????????

need I say more???

I found my piece 'all steamed up' that was exhibited as part of books.07 at noosa regional gallery photographed by someone passing through the show and stuck on flckr.... to be fair EVERYONE's work in the show seems to have been photographed and plonked there all together... and they were credited with the artist's name.... but I always get a bit twitchy when complete strangers snap my stuff and plonk it out there in the world without so much as a courtesy call.... Regional galleries usually, supposedly have a policy of no unauthorised photography of shows.... but it seems it's not always enforced.....

see - that up there is not my pic of the work..... it's from......

Friday, April 4, 2008

sarah joins the sams creek crew

This is Sarah - our 10 week old border collie who joined our crew last week - and has already notched up her first kill (the screen door).... Let's hope it's her last.

She is very sweet, very smart, very fast.... I'd like to say 'a lot like me really....' but then you know I'm just flat out lying..... on all accounts!