Thursday, May 29, 2014


said in my best yoda voice 
 'excited we are'

inside are itty-bitty 
 'carpe diem' moo cards

15 different cards 
spanning 2 years of ephemeral gesturing...

and I've made little book page pockets for them...

As soon as I work out a nice online store**

I'll be offering little packets containing 10 random art gesture cards
for folk to purchase (if they feel inclined)

mind you - if you were sweet enough to purchase either


at the blurb store

please drop me a note/pic and I'll pop a origami packet of gestures
 in the post for you as a thank you gift

** I haven't quite decided the who/what/where etc for an online store
so if you have some advice
I'm all ears!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

in the background...

more collage

lots of little square collages actually...

of mostly white and black and aged papers adhered to hard boards

and as pleasant as I find the activity
and as carefully as I choose the bits and pieces and arrange them just so
this is just the first step in a project
for these are the grounds (backgrounds) for a series...

an effective background is a neutral background
one that doesn't have a lot of tonal contrast competing for attention

so it's time to add a thin layer of white gesso over the mottled collages

preparing them to become receptive backgrounds

but arctic white is not really my scene

so I brewed up a strong mug of tea

and gave them all a nice drink...

and NOW I'm ready to begin....


Sunday, May 4, 2014

codex infinitum on blurb...

at loooooong last I can offer everyone
a little slice of my MFA project

codex infinitum the infinite book by Rhonda Ayliffe | Make Your Own Book

codex infinitum - the infinite book
contains modified excerpts from my MFA thesis
and reproductions of artworks from my research project

  all wrapped up in a  little blurb book

and for anyone interested enough to grab a blurb book -
I'll happily send you a PDF version
of my full MFA thesis (minus the images)

just drop me a line