Friday, October 16, 2015

look up (two hundred & eighty nine) ..

xxxx two hundred and eighty nine xxxx 

and another one...

no sooner had I finished my rug of red

and I was off into my mumsicle's massive wool stash again

this time I pulled out all the greens and creams,
tans and flecked browns, greys and beige 5 ply wool wonders

and I was off making little granny squares again!

this time with a green theme

(and a purpose in mind)


before long I amassed quite a pile

of emerald and forest and pastel lime and leaf,
of grey green (the colour of my mumsie's eyes)
 and tan with light brown and just a hint of red....

encased in a surrounding of neutral creams and greys and beige....

and in seemingly no time I had amassed enough squares to start arranging my pile
and sewing them together...

(I really do spend too much time beside fields and pools and ovals and gyms) 

 et voila!

it's a present for me muvva
(and daddio)

made especially for their caravan of hope

the greens (my mumsicle's favourite colour)
were chosen to match the bedlinen
with the neutral creams and greys, browns and tans chosen
to blend with the caravan's colour scheme
(ps the caravan of hope has a little red pin stripe on the outside
so I thought it only right that I added a pop of red in the rug too)

and its ready to rock and roll!

my mumsy is delighted

(she gets quite chilled when they travel to the desert heartland of our big big country
 - this rug is large enough to cover the bed in the van
but light enough to pick up and use as a lap rug near the campfire

but most of all I hope that when she is many kilometres from home
this rug reminds her that I love her very very much)