Friday, September 27, 2013

a new art paradigm (revisited)...


and threw out into the world my arty manifesto

(of sorts)

and as I'm putting the finishing touches on my MFA works

I found myself revisiting my words and thoughts of 

what art can be

what art should be

what I want art to be

(aka - a new art paradigm)

I want Art that snubs its nose at post-bloody-modernism and bling-bling art stars; 
I want Art that circumvents the corporatisation of culture and cult of personality;  
I want Art where value is determined by what the art gives rather than what it makes at auction;  
I want Art that engages community and is egalitarian in spirit and execution; 
I want Art that respects and values fine crafting (where appropriate) without falling into the trap of nostalgic connoisseurism; 
I want Art that understands that you don't need to be a Western, white, city boy to make stuff worth paying attention to; 

I want Art that is of and for and from an extended connection to country.....  

(THIS is where my arty head and heart are)


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

selfie (of sorts)....

 I was asked to supply an image of myself with the long book

for the forthcoming interstate solo show

(I HATE having my photo taken....)

 Honey Hound offered a kelpie lick of support..

kelpies are thoughtful like that

 *notes to self --- it's hard to look like a credible arteeest
when you are being 'kissed' by a Honey Hound 

*do not publish unflattering pictures of self...

ahhhh hang that!
 life (and creek gals) 

are too short for that level of seriousness!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

its official...

(click to embiggen)

feel free to share 
(and a big thanks to all those who have already shared 
after I posted the invite on my facebook arty page)

codex infinitum - the infinite book
10 October - 7 November 

switchback gallery
monash university - gippsland campus



Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm not the only one...

Nope - I'm not the only one in our home at the moment 
who has been working away on a major project..

our sassy boyo (and his dad) have been working together
night and day (and day and night)

on a rather amazing small (LARGE) project 
(on this weekend at Bega showground)

can you guess what it is...

 its a magnificent model of 

a paddock chicken tractor!

(complete with real fake plastic chickens!)

made from scrap wood and metal (found in the sheds), jam jars,
tonka toy wheels, plastic drink bottles, old vitamin containers

and a whole mess of love and attention to detail!

sass was up at dawn this morning to complete the tags 
that explain all the features and details of his model...

later on I will be delivering this labour of love to the showground
as it will join other chicken tractor models by local kiddies
(a challenge organised by the wonderful folk at The Crossing)

 If you are in the area this weekend

come along to the field days and check out all the good things 
like beekeeping, seedsaving, composting, 
cheese-making, cob ovens, sheep dog training...

and the amazing model chook tractor of our sassy boyo!

(hope to see you there)


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TAG - 17...

18 World Book encyclopaedias
placed face down on a wombat/wallaby track
leading to Sams Creek

**the rain is currently teeming down here
the dry track currently covered in casuarina needles will become a muddy slippery slope 
and very soon I expect that the flat land beside the creek will be under flood water...

this is a cycle that has repeated itself for millennia upon millennia


Sunday, September 15, 2013

plotting and planning...

a small model...

  to understand how content and form may come together...

thinking with my fingers...

a small book trial hoping to become a finished book reality

(watch this space)



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

going solo...

this is a heads-up, save-the-date, get outta town while you can post/warning

in just a couple of weeks time

 I'll be installing

the Very Big

(very booky)

codex infinitum - the infinite book

is the title of my MFA research project, exegesis and solo exhibition 

the work is the culmination of nearly 4 years research and making

(jeeez time flies)

sooooo here are all the gory details (for anyone in the area)

codex infinitum - the infinite book

opens October 10, 2013
at Switchback Gallery - Churchill, Victoria

and runs until November 7

(I will be on the floor for opening night and last day only... 

the gallery is a looooooooooong way from home) 

right now I'm finishing bits and pieces 

and trying to overcome an almost overwhelming sense of rising panic!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TAG - 16


one small corner of 'New Fundamentals of Science' text book
moistened and rolled
and placed in a dewy spring web

on the third morning of spring