Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm not the only one...

Nope - I'm not the only one in our home at the moment 
who has been working away on a major project..

our sassy boyo (and his dad) have been working together
night and day (and day and night)

on a rather amazing small (LARGE) project 
(on this weekend at Bega showground)

can you guess what it is...

 its a magnificent model of 

a paddock chicken tractor!

(complete with real fake plastic chickens!)

made from scrap wood and metal (found in the sheds), jam jars,
tonka toy wheels, plastic drink bottles, old vitamin containers

and a whole mess of love and attention to detail!

sass was up at dawn this morning to complete the tags 
that explain all the features and details of his model...

later on I will be delivering this labour of love to the showground
as it will join other chicken tractor models by local kiddies
(a challenge organised by the wonderful folk at The Crossing)

 If you are in the area this weekend

come along to the field days and check out all the good things 
like beekeeping, seedsaving, composting, 
cheese-making, cob ovens, sheep dog training...

and the amazing model chook tractor of our sassy boyo!

(hope to see you there)


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  1. Ronnie, I I love seeing projects like this. It looks great and what a wonderful learning opportunity! Your kidlets are very fortunate in their parents and their surroundings.


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