Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TAG - 17...

18 World Book encyclopaedias
placed face down on a wombat/wallaby track
leading to Sams Creek

**the rain is currently teeming down here
the dry track currently covered in casuarina needles will become a muddy slippery slope 
and very soon I expect that the flat land beside the creek will be under flood water...

this is a cycle that has repeated itself for millennia upon millennia



  1. They look very pretty at this stage though I guess by now after the rain they are looking a bit different. More pics please!

    1. ahhhh the red books are safely back in their (damp) shed..... they were only in position for a short time, then tucked away to play another day

  2. Wondering how it looked after the rain... looking good here Ronnie! Hope all is good with you!

  3. And now a flooding of words rush to the creek to hold secrets of the World through your books.


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