Wednesday, September 25, 2013

selfie (of sorts)....

 I was asked to supply an image of myself with the long book

for the forthcoming interstate solo show

(I HATE having my photo taken....)

 Honey Hound offered a kelpie lick of support..

kelpies are thoughtful like that

 *notes to self --- it's hard to look like a credible arteeest
when you are being 'kissed' by a Honey Hound 

*do not publish unflattering pictures of self...

ahhhh hang that!
 life (and creek gals) 

are too short for that level of seriousness!



  1. Ooooh dang, you be CUUUTE. Don't hide your light under a bushel [of long books], gal !

    p.s. hound ain't half bad neether.

    1. tee hee hee - you make me laugh (not as much as a slurpy dog kiss but then not much can compete with slurpy dog kisses)

  2. Makes me smile Ronnie, lovely pics! ps. you are looking younger every day :-)

    1. and your anti-aging comment is making me smile (but not too much --- so that I don't add wrinkles on my wrinkles!)

  3. gosh , these pix are different is vibe and all from the pix attached to your profile
    free wheeling ...
    i could not help but notice how your smile is exactly that of your mother as shown in the pix at side bar
    yes you are her daughter!
    congrats on the big exhibition
    and for having a kelpie honey hound

    kelpies are THE best !

    1. oooooo how did you *know* that I also looked at these pics today alongside the pic of my wonderful mum and noticed exactly that same thing! (its only the second time ever that I've seen the similarities)

      you are an observant and sensitive gal roz.... who said these things don't translate through the interwebs xxxxx

  4. Roz beat me to it! Your smile is exactly like your Mum's! Lovely pics of you and the Honey Hound, you could use any of them. And you do seem to be getting younger - how do you do that, Ronnie?

    1. oo carol you'll make me blush! it must be the vaseline on the camera lens that's making me seem younger!

      and as for the hound dog... what is that they say about never working with children or animals? yep I've been totally upstaged!

  5. well, i love the dog helper who certainly doesn't mind getting you to loosen up for the camera!

  6. Great photos of you and the book, Ronnie. I wouldn't mind having my photo taken if I looked so good!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx