Tuesday, November 3, 2015

look up (three hundred & seven) ...

xxxx three hundred and seven xxxx

you can never have too many books...

.... at least that's what I always tell myself when I give in to temptation
at my local indie bookseller

*waves to Candelo Books*

here are the most recent titles to find a home on my (bulging) bookshelves...

I've added 'Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs' and
'Grow your own Herbal Remedies' by Penny Woodward
to my pile of books on all things herbal (I've been fascinated since my teens)

and for something to chew on there's 'Thinking, fast and slow' by Daniel Kahneman

and as I wandered past one of the stacks of new titles
waiting to find some shelf space in Candelo Books
I found this one...

'Bird Minds: Cognition and behaviour of Australian Native Birds'
(all that looking up has had me thinking a lot about the birds I'm seeing...)

'Natural Processes in Textile Art' from Alice Fox

 is recently released and has work from many names I'm familiar with from blogland
and lots of interesting and inspiring projects
encouraging a more environmentally sensible way of working with textiles

(ps I wish you could feel the cover --- its slightly fuzzy, like suede... what fun!)

 oooo and still on the subject of ecologically-aware arty-working with a textile twist

here's yet another title to add to my shelf of (for lack of a better term) eco-textile titles

'The Modern Natural Dyer' by Kristine Vejar

 ps --- you can read/see more from Kristine on her webbysite - a verb for keeping warm
if you haven't stumbled over it before - its juicy nice

and talking of juicy nice - I couldn't resist this one

'Natural histories: Extraordinary Rare Book Selections
from the American Museum of Natural History Library'

now this title is no ordinary book
oh there's a book alrighty (that's it below -- see the giraffes)
but the book is housed in a lovely clamshell box that also contains 40 prints
(I think the bird egg print is my favourite)

so its a triple whammy of delight!

and if we are finishing this booky chat on a delightful note --
let me recommend to you all
the quarterly 'magazine'
New Philosopher

each edition explores a theme
(the most recent one is 'fame' and its delicious!)

don't let the word 'philosopher' put you off ---
the essays and mini articles are both thought-provoking AND accessible

now I just need to find a snippet or two of time so I can dive into my collection!