Friday, May 24, 2013

I've got my eye on Hugh...

A few months ago a film crew moved into a farmhouse 
just 12kms up the road from my little place
and since then we've spied the big boxy camera and big fuzzy boom mic
being pointed at foody and farming types
around our area

very soon 
River Cottage Australia
will be launched on (pay) TV screens around this fair land

(can I get an 'oh myyyyyyy' from you all?)

I'm remaining resolutely on the fence about the whole thing

I've always rather liked Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the River Cottage thang
(even if some of the things Hugh gets up to down on the farm give me the giggles
or make my eyebrows start rolling around my head like demented marbles)

but River Cottage Australia is not being hosted by Hugh
it's hard to know how RCA will be received...

at any rate I expect it will be fun to play 'name that local-yokel'
and see our region on the (little) big screen

(last time this part of the world had this much filming fuss was when
 'The Man Who Sued God'
came to town....

 (yes that's bermi harbour in the film trailer...)



  1. That's exciting, or at least as you say, will be interesting to see how it is all portrayed. Enjoyed watching Hugh for years, such a character. But I disconnected the alien on the roof a while ago (a matter of principle - the whole point of pay TV - in my opinion - was that you paid so you didn't have to watch ads!) Perhaps you could give me an update sometime of what you think of the Aus version :-)

  2. I can't wait! How can we watch it without pay TV though?? Is this a plot to get more far south people connected to pay TV??/ Haha! Just thought that then;) x

  3. I thought that Matthew Evans had already filled this niche on TV. I'd certainly be interested in seeing all the interesting things that people are getting up to in your neck of the woods, but the prospect of a manufactured RiverCottage Oz doesn't necessarily appeal. Not that I will see it unless it makes it to free to air TV.

    1. yes its going to be interesting to see how it goes.... Matty E has been channeling his own version of Hugh and serving it up hot and steamy for a bit now.... but where Hugh has sometimes given me the giggles, Matty has had me holding my sides - sometimes I think 'gourmet farmer' is the best comedy on TV (its dangerously dreadful!).... I wonder if RCA will follow suit? time will tell!

  4. I won't be seeing it either, not having pay TV, and though I enjoy Hugh, and his books, I'm not sure I want to see an "Aussie" version of River Cottage, even if it comes from your fair southern lands. You'll have to let us know what your locals think of it when it happens.


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