Friday, September 12, 2014

pruning and random rough weaving...

I'm late
 the season has turned
winter is giving way to spring blossoms

but still I haven't finished pruning my orchard!

I am working furiously to get all the trees lopped before everything is in blossom and leaf

 all the pruned bits piling up are giving me ideas...

(hmmmm I wonder how hard it is to weave rough hurdles 
with apple/plum/quince/peach prunings?)

I've found it's quite easy (and fun) to form rough wreaths
from gathered clematis prunings... 

and the kiwi vines come together nicely to form a rough bower...

although rather unwieldy 
I enjoyed creating a rough 'nest' from the pruned bits of grape vine

tiger was a great help with everything

(of course)

"if you build it - they will come"



  1. Yep, for sure with a cat. In fact, just look busy and they will come.

  2. Such a delightful & rewarding enterprise, all that weaving
    after all that pruning!
    So Aussie ... what is a "rough hurdle"? [cross-the-pond foreign jargon to me]
    Tiger's aptly named.

    1. I'm not sure 'rough hurdle' is a term used anywhere other than sams creek! --- we take it to mean a haphazard very short fencey type structure --- something you can step over (that's the 'hurdle' bit!)

      ps EJ also made a lovely wonky clematis wreath --- I have visions of threading some fresh flowers into the woody gaps..... what fun!

  3. Will we be seeing giant nests of branches adorning your garden this year? If it was here, where the deer and wild turkeys stroll freely, most likely one or the other would decide it made for a comfy bed and enjoy the hard work.


  4. Perfect subject for black and white, Ronnie. Makes me want to go and weave something... Of course Tiger has to be there. Anyone would want to be there.

  5. Yoda has been helping me here today....especially keen because I have been away for a week. keeps trying to sit ON the pages of the book i am attempting to read. sigh.

  6. Not sure why it took so long to get back and comment - but I love what you have done and how you have found beauty and art beyond the pruning - and of course, the cat is the perfect finish. Have fun with wherever they take you next.

  7. the prunings have new life, and are beautifully photographed in black and white.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx