Tuesday, August 27, 2013

writing (and writing)

the big push

to complete and print the MFA exegesis draft for the examiners

(its to be submitted next weekish)

I'm making work (to go in the exegesis to go to the examiners...)

so I'm writing (and writing)

ruling pen in hand - trials and trials

('if at first you don't succeed' trial trial again)

the handpenned title page for
(what I hope will be) a special book
to form part of my MFA exhibition

(more on that soon)

now -- its back to the studio for me!



  1. All fab. but that second image from the top is superb Ronnie!

    There is something really special about ink on paper ...

    1. thanks gemma - I don't feel all that comfortable calligraphy-wise these days (I'm too out of practice to feel at home) - but there IS something lovely about moving some sumi ink around a page.....

  2. I think these look great! You never lose that practiced hand, it just takes a little warm up to find your flow.To have your nice flowing hand on this major project adds a lovely connecting personal touch to all the work. i love seeing the snippets...all artful. XX You got it sista'

  3. exegesis is such a scary looking word!

  4. Lovely lovely letters Ronnie - the perfect addition to so many other letters...Best wishes for the final haul!

  5. So fantastic to hear you're nearly there Ronnie. I know it will all be wonderful.

  6. dancing markings make their own music.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx