Tuesday, February 28, 2012

getting there, getting there...

some eagle eyed bloggy friends have already noticed
that I've started announcing the news

May 5th 2012
 I'm opening the doors to Sams Creek Bookworks...

a year behind schedule

yet there's still so much to do...

in the next couple of weeks the exterior of my funny little studio 
is going to get a a lick of paint to complete the renovations and repairs
and then it will look and feel all brand new
(welllll at least it will be fresh and clean and bright and cheerful)

I'm still organising what's going to be happening on the day
so far I'm expecting to have:
* demonstrations in the studio of all the yummy booky gear

*guided tours of the emerging permaculture garden systems

*an 'under the eaves' art exhibition

* 'kids art in the courtyard'
(with lots of arty goodness from the local school kiddies!)

proceeds from the day are going to the Cobargo P&C fund
for the school garden/kitchen/outdoor learning area
and the P&C should be here with delish tea and coffee and treats

I'll have details on the sams creek bookworks blog or fb page

if you are in the area why don't you come along

 I'd love to see you here!



  1. Hi Ronnie - fabuloso! Congrats on your planned opening and all the fun of the fair that goes with it...if we were to be down you way around then, we'd love to join in! Never sure where we'll be or what we'll be doing...

  2. Sounds wonderful Ronnie, and your studio...so cute...even in it's natural weathered shades.
    Have a great time preparing, I look forward to seeing a bit more along the way towards the day.

  3. Good luck Ronnie. It is going to be marvelous!

  4. i won't be in australia in time for the big event, but i do hope to see this amazing place!

  5. my very-very-very best wishes on this super wonderful project! How I wish I were there...


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx