Friday, February 3, 2012

black wattle....

Opening tomorrow in Cobargo

Black Wattle is a 'hole in the wall' gallery/artsy hang out

yep - it plans on selling art to passing punters
but the initiative also aims to rekindle local community involvement in creativity
(of all kinds....)

 (here's a couple of happy snaps of some delish-ous morsels by local lass - robyn williams)

hard working volunteers are all pitching in to paint and hang and otherwise install works for
le grande opening bright and early tomorrow morning (I'm reliably told there will be drinkies in the afternoon.... I think you can guess when I'll be arriving to partake of the festivities...)

'Black Wattle' is the first signs of life from the newly incorporated 'creative workers and producers of Cobargo' association which has some cool ideals and objectives*

most things 'black wattle' things are still arriving and being arranged.... 
so I can't share all the makers details 

other than to tell you these are all from folk who live in and around my itty bitty town

I'm tickled all shades of pink and purple that some caring creative folk have put their heads together to make this all happen - and yes I've taken up the offer of membership - so there are a few of my arty wares included in the black wattle mix - and I'll be participating in a very low key way - and supporting them all in a much bigger way!

* Objectives of the Creative Workers and Producers of Cobargo Association (Inc)

To foster the development of traditional and modern creative skills 
To provide a space for people to showcase these skills and to share ideas, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm 
To contribute to the vibrancy and economic health of the community  
To help promote Cobargo as a centre of excellence in creative, cultural, environmental and community development  
To be an information and resource centre for Cobargo creators and producers 
To continually contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment through reuse and recycling where possible 
To collectively manage and develop and not for profit 'Cobargos Creators' centre that reflects the above objectives



  1. Sounds and looks great Ronnie, have a lovely day tommorrow.

  2. All the best for the center, the association, the artists!

  3. hi Ronnie, our local arts society "Redland Yurara Art Society Inc" is currently celebrating 50 years. It's a lot different today than when it started in someone's back garden all those years ago (before I was even born!), though I think the original idea of sharing creativity with all comers is still the basic ethos of the group.
    I hope your Cobargo arts group grows and prospers and provides support, inspiration and bonding for all your community, and I hope 50 years from now they'll be celebrating 50 years of creativity.

  4. Sounds like an exciting venture! Keep us in the loop.

  5. That looks like lots of fun - they're a creative lot round your way, aren't they? If only it was the same around here! I hope it all goes well and that you enjoyed drinkies at the opening... Sara x

  6. I hope this hole-in-the-wall gallery is a huge success. I love the idea of re-invigorating the creative community and would love to be a part of something like that here.

    When I was living in Maleny I just thrived on being a small part of the COMA community. I'll start looking for some such same here in Tas. x gb

  7. All the best for Black Wattle, I am visiting in a couple of weeks for the folk festival - I will drop in. Meagan


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx