Sunday, February 19, 2012

a gesture and some words...

I hold a red-edged book to a stormy sky

I hold a red-edged book

then I let it fly...

fly red-edged book

soar, love, live

(little red-edged book has so much yet to give)

litle red-edged book cast aside, all alone

and there's nothing to be done, 

can be done, 

or undone 

little red-edged book you are gone

you are gone


for R & N & M
with love
from a sad town



  1. Truly beautiful, Ronnie. My heart goes out to this grieving family. What a tragedy. x

  2. For when words alone are never enough ...thank you Rhonda.

  3. I was enjoying the beauty, the sense of freedom, flight and lift when I got to the end and realised there must be a story of great sadness. So sad. So tough, especially for a small town. Go gently...

  4. I "saw" your FB entries last night...
    I am so sorry for the tragedy; your flying/changing form book says it all.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx