Tuesday, January 31, 2012

opinion time...

 (gratuitous pic of sarah-woof trying out the new path to the studio.... )

Fear not!
I'm not going to inflict another one of my (many) opinions on you - 
in fact - I'd like to hear your advice/opinion on something...

Blog Comments
One of the things I like most about blogging is the interactivity that comments foster - I love folk leaving their words on my blog (thank you!) - and I like to drop by other places and leave a word or two (when I feel I can contribute something to the conversation) ... sometimes when I leave comments elsewhere the blog authors go to the trouble of sending me a personal reply via email - and I've always been quite moved by their effort. BUT I'm usually quite shy about doing likewise myself.... so here's where I'd like to hear your opinion.

Would YOU like me to reply personally (eg via email) to your comments left here? Let me know what you think. I WILL reply via email to your comments on this post (if I have/can find an email address for you!) and what's more I'll select one commentee to send a tiny little something-something to (just as a token of my appreciation)


** updated Feb 3 
I have dropped a couple of emailed notes to respondents - and I did a quick 'name in the hat' draw for that promised small 'something' - which I will be popping into the post for Kim H.

Thanks again all for your words



  1. Great question. I am a blogger, and I don't reply to every comment - sometimes because it's a "no reply" comment, and other times, I don't think there's anything I can add to the conversation. I feel that I've made my point with the post and the person has responded and that's all that is necessary. If someone comments a lot, I do respond to them every so often to thank them for their support etc. However, there are some bloggers who ALWAYS respond to comments - it's their personal ethos to do so, and while I do like to hear from them, I honestly never expect it. So, I guess, do what feels right to you....

  2. I agree with Kate - it's whatever works for you. I rarely reply to comments, nor do I expect a response when I leave a comment on a blog. I worry about the etiquette of reaching the point when you STOP replying to comments, then you get another comment, then you reply again... where does it end?!! Perhaps that's just me, so anyway, I don't tend to reply to comments. What I do, though, is visit my commenters' blogs and leave comments for them. That way I feel there is an acknowledgement of their own creativity etc. and a genuine interest in what they do, without trapping myself in a never-ending conversation-via-comment. Arrgh! Does that make sense? Sara x p.s. it could explain, though, why I don't have a huge number of followers :)

  3. Hi Ronnie, I too like the interactiveness of the comment portion of the blog. A little like contributing to the conversation of the blogee if you think you have something interesting to add or wish to express your interest in their post. If I leave a comment on someone else's blog I will usually check out over the next few days if any further comments have been made, especially on blogs like BAO where lots of people are commenting and adding to the conversation. I don't think I feel the expectation of the blog writer to email me in return, unless it is with information they don't necessarily feel like sharing with the blogosphere as a whole.

  4. Hi Ronnie - I think it s a personal thing and my personal thing is I try to reply to every comment made on my blog; but on the blog and not personally. I don't tend to send personal emails in response - I like to keep it blog-focused kind of; unless I really want to have a personal conversation with the person. Hmmm no idea why I do what I do - just feels right. Oftentimes, a personal conversation will open up outside the blog and that's kind of wonderful - but only when it's right. Hmmm I'm being a big help I can tell!

  5. Hey Ronnie,

    Great topic to bring up for us bloggers. I love getting comments and I try to reply to most of them. I love it when people I've commented on reply to me as well. It's a give and take thing that helps build relationships and blogger friendships, me thinks.

    But, I don't hold it against anyone who doesn't comment back. I know how time consuming life is and blogging takes up a lot of my time.
    Either way, I'l lstill be reading your bloggy:) x

  6. ronnie,
    what i love about the blogging forum is the ability to comment and the ability to start a conversation, either on the blog or through email. i've loved it when a post touches readers, and they respond. i love how it mirrors to me parts of myself that i am not so willing to look at. and i like when it commences a conversation, a friendship.

  7. As someone new to commenting on blogs I haven't ever expected an email in return for a comment though there could be an occasion when it may be appropriate. I think keeping it on the blog is all part of blogging and email is something else. In the end it's your call ronnie.

  8. thanks for all the generous sharing everyone (including those who have read the blog - but prefer to make contact via email... or in the street!) I really appreciate your views


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx