Sunday, January 15, 2012

art gesture sunday - week 2...

encyclopaedia brittanica and raked earth and beach stone

(with cat)


on sunday every week in 2012 I'm posting one small 'art gesture' 
undertaken at some point during the previous week



  1. Great photo ronnie and love scrolling down and finding your gorgeous cat checking it out!)

  2. great pix, now for

    stage two
    make sure cat safely curled in basket
    sling random dates at open pages
    develop work based on whatever-it-is that darts land in...

    ask cat to walk through ink tray
    and then wander pages
    marking a trail for further exploration...

    oh dear, and it isn't even the cocktail hour yet!

  3. hee hee heeee - and I have many more weeks of this year of arty gestures to take up both those challenges - cat willing ;~)

  4. Love this one ronnie, the year is off to a great start.

  5. I am very fond of the 'with cat' version!

  6. "With cat" - just delightful.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx