Wednesday, January 18, 2012


yep - I'm back making small book models for my resources box

I have a couple of potential workshops in the mix AND (drum roll please) I'm FINALLY going to be opening 'sams creek bookworks' in May this year (yes - year behind schedule... but who's counting...)

Yesterday I was making cut-and-fold-only book objects ....

 I find it amazing how many different 'book' structures you can make without even a spot of adhesive or sewing.....

For my box of book models I'm mindful of creating a cohesive group (so I'm sticking to blues and whites and creams for the whole collection). I'm stripping the work of content so that folk can concentrate solely on FORM - I hope this may help all to better be able to analyse how structure may fit content (or visa versa!), and to get folk excited about trying a new structure.  I'm having such fun trying things I've never tried before (this exercise certainly increases my book-making repertoire!)

My studio assistant EJ was inspired to make her own little square pamphlet bound booklet....

  little girl fingers sewing up a storm!

I love watching young people having a blast making things
they feel so proud of their accomplishments

(EJ loves using the bone folder to finish things off 'just so')

oooo and you should see all the other work going on in the garden and around the studio

I promise I'll show you a piccie soon of how everything is shaping up

(so excitement!)



  1. Ronnie,
    you know how I love this exercise;
    and your assistant's lovely little hands... oh! I can almost "see" the future memories and the strongest bond rooted in the book arts space being formed...

  2. What fun for you and your assistant! I love this too and I've got a box of sample books and weird and wonderful folded structures I've added over the years - I think I'm using one on my BAO book if I get it to work properly as a book.


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