Wednesday, January 25, 2012

dual citizenship...

Yesterday I became the 4453rd citizen of nowhereisland...

"Imagine an Arctic island travelling south - a landscape on the move. After leaving the Kingdom of Norway, the island enters international waters and is declared a new island nation - Nowhereisland. This new nation continues its journey to the south west coast of England, where it opens its embassy and participates in the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad."

"Nowhereisland has already come to represent the possibilities for thinking about our values and beliefs as citizens. 52 Resident Thinkers from around the world are contributing to a year-long programme of Letters to Nowhereisland. Over 4000 people have already signed up to become citizens of Nowhereisland and will begin collectively writing the island’s constitution from January 2012.

This is a real place on the move. But it belongs to nowhere. It is an island nation that has come from a place that is deeply implicated by global decisions. It offers us the chance to reflect on where we belong and what nationhood means, and, in a time of global crisis, it opens up an opportunity to debate and consider important global questions that affect us all."* now I can claim I have dual citizenship...

{I'm really interested in thinking about what I could contribute 
to this new island nation's constitution   
and I'm enjoying reading bits from the resident thinkers
and I LIKE that this is essentially an art project...}

don't you think organising dual citizenship 
is a perfect way to celebrate Australia Day?
(Jan 26 - eg tomorrow in oz land)

And talking of oz day
it's time for me to de-rust the bbq and clean out the eskie 
we're having a BIG creek party tomorrow
with a cast of thousands (ok - maybe 30-40)

oh what fun for this new nowhereian!

*image and words from 



  1. ronnie, i'm going over to read more, thanks.

  2. Fascinating story Ronnie... i need to take in more of this project.. i like the idea of the Olympics being part of an imaginative vision for something like this... rather than the obvious reasons its held every 4 years.

    Ive heard of a huge conversation dinner project that was in the planning some time ago... for the olympics... to get people talking to strangers from all walks of life.

    Did up a juicy post yesterday that needs you comments when time permits...
    time to get the dialogue moving which you have ben doing this week or so!
    As fior the Permaculture food forest... Bravo to you... that looks amazing ...the hills look like it was incredibly tough going girl>>> you'd have needed a good comfy chair and glass of wine after those few days...

    good creating!


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