Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I get by with a little help....

Where would we be without friends and community?

(ps this is the latest 'joy of books' stop animation by 'crazedadman'
made with the help of LOTS of friends... watch it - it's cute -
and it was only released about 12hrs ago so you can be amongst the first to view it!) 

I'm very fortunate to have a whole mass of mates: 'I-owe-you-a-vital-organ' mates, long-term mates (yes I'm still friends with my bestie from before primary school),  permaculture mates (these are some of the most genuine and generous folk I know), calligraphy mates, local arty mates (gosh but exhibition openings would be mighty boring without these guys in attendence!), facebook, twitter and bloggy buddies (the BAO group has been a wonderland, and with a big new project kicking off, there's a whole mess more bloggy book artists to meet), and arty uni mates just to name a few mate memes..... and it's my arty uni mates that I'm thinking of right now as I've been working on my HDR project and biting my fingernails and contemplating my navel (again).

Last week one such uni mate dropped into my little creek home (*waves to MP*) and I had the rare opportunity to sit with a cuppa and 'chew the fat'.  As a distance student I only get to briefly press the flesh with fellow students - indeed I have only once a year contact (for a couple of days at winter symposium each June).  As I was completing my MVA I met and subsequently made mates with some fabulous artists (here's links for Tracey Johnson, Linda Fish, Deb Taylor, and Neale Stratford - check 'em out, as each one of these peeps is a real gem - I loves youse guys heaps!).

Now as ALL my uni contacts know (much moreso than my other friends), I have long pondered (and often whinged about) the machinations of the artworld... and over the past couple of months I've been putting to paper a few of my thoughts about copyright, what it is to have an Art Kareer, etc..... Tomorrow I'm going to tentatively post one such elongated thought... I hope I don't frighten you, my bloggy mates, away!

Until then - lets all play nice with everyone else in the sandpit (life's pretty tough without friends and a vibrant community... hmmmm maybe someone should remind some of the world's leaders about this truth?...)



  1. Aha! You know, I read your post but I was concentrating so much on your words of wisdom that I failed to look at the image!!! It's only now that I have come back to look that I realise we posted the same video... I saw it on the BookArts Listserve, but it took me 2 days to look at it because our internet connection is so crap! :)


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