Wednesday, October 2, 2013

feeling the lurrrve (and not)...

blogger is STILL misbehaving for me
(is anyone else having hassles with the platform at the moment or is it just me?)

and I've got a few pics that I could share too (if only!)

instead I'm forced to having to use my facebook page to share pics

thanks ya'll for dropping by my arty page and for leaving nice comments etc
about the mention in Art Almanac

(and a mate pointed out to me this morning that my exhibition is 
currently also being featured on the Art Almanac webby site too.... 

how nice are these folk wot?

but really I wanted to show you a sneak peek of
a large scale book I've been slaving over
(its a one-of-a-kind not an edition)

durn you blogger!

thwarted again!

** I will drop a piccie of the work on my facebook page instead of here -

but if blogger keeps being bad I really WILL have to look into an alternate platform

does anyone have any suggestions?


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