Saturday, October 12, 2013

codex infinitum - the infinite book...

my solo exhibition - codex infinitum 

opened October 10 at Switchback Gallery...

the gallery entrance is now guarded by my book pillars 
Pulvis et umbra sumus - 'we are dust and shadow'


inside the gallery...

 there are large and small photographic prints,
a large book structure and a small handmade book

on the middle partition is my large print...

  Ancora Imparo - 'I am still learning'

which is also the name given to the installation

recreated in the middle of the gallery...

the installation contains the looooooong coptic bound book

codex inperfecto - the unfinished book
 behind the middle partition

 hidden from initial view...  
is the large 
(and beautiully lit)
  nec tamen consumebatur - 'and yet it was not consumed'
also in this space are three works from 2010 that long term blog readers

will already be familiar with... 

Novus libri scientia - The New Books of Knowledge  

Flammeus libri ardor - The fiery passion of the book 


 genius loci

as well as a small coptic bound book  
carpe diem
I'll share more of what's inside this small book 

and some more of the individual works in the show

*next time*
so with a last look over my shoulder -- it's on its own.... 
codex infinitum - the infinite book
October 10 - November 7,  2013

Switchback Gallery, Churchill Victoria 



  1. Replies
    1. thank you so much for your kind words and spirit xx

  2. RONNIE!!!!
    where is my beam-me-up-scottie magic wand because I sooooo want to go there and SEE THAT!

    1. ahhhhhh you need to come here and see the big smile you just caused to spread over my face :D

  3. Looking just fabulous, Ronnie! A great collection of your interesting and mind blowing work. Congratulations! Must have been hard to walk away...

    1. actually carol it was mighty easy to drive away home.... but I'll only breathe a sigh of relief when the work has been examined and I find out if it passed.... THEN I'll breathe easy....

  4. Wish I could have been there to see it in the 'paper' so to speak but your photos help. Congratulations on such a terrific group of work.

  5. Looks so exciting Ronnie... a brilliant show well worth seeing... here if not in real life!

  6. i, too, wish i could see it installed, but am thankful to have been watching from the wings all along. congratulations, ronnie.

  7. Great photos! I wish I could come, visit and see your works in person!

  8. Wow what a loooooong book! congratulations Ronnie the show looks fabulous!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx