Friday, October 25, 2013

codex inperfecto went bush....

.... and so did its maker...

Habent sua fata libelli. – ‘Books have their own fates’
Self portrait binding codex inperfecto
Sams Creek



  1. Codex imperfecto goes off the beaten track - love it!

  2. HOLY CANNOLI ! [I think they say that a lot in New York ... it's a much prized food delicacy ]
    but ronnie, this has to be one of my most fave 'selfies' of all time!!

  3. Bowing to the master....and applauding until my hands ache.

  4. if one goes bush, does one return? and if not, what about the children? very cool, ronnie. i wonder about a videocamera set up to watch interactions wandering critters might have with this. of course the implication is that you will return...

  5. great photo, wonderful concept and magic book!


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