Sunday, August 28, 2011


Late winter 
and I'm very late to get started with pruning in the orchard
my stone fruits are in blossom already... 

blood plum

Boots takes the high ground as our pruning overlord
'meow - you missed that one'

 Abas apple before

30 mins and a lot of lopping later....

 Abas apple after

Oh how I wish I could take a big pair of loppers,
some secateurs and a pruning saw to all those things
that seem to clutter up my life...




  1. Ah, yes - the under-gardeners.Always willing to "help" unless it's raining!

  2. well, those apple prunings make lovely dye... so you could extend the satisfaction!

  3. I love your photos, and I am in awe of your 30 min. pruning capability! WOW!!!


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