Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ahhhh home...

After a loooong journey north, 
a hectic time at BBWF both on and off site
and another looooooong journey south 
I'm home again 
(ahhhh home - my word of the day)  

 here's a couple of happy snaps 
I'll share more after I have a hot shower and a good nights sleep
you can see what I've already shared over here

mmmm just a few metres from my little cabin in Suffolk Park
(ps - click to embiggen the panoramas)

outside my cabin door - weird bush turkeys

 at Cape Byron - the most easterly point in the land of Oz

 at work (yes the sun is just coming up)

 more work at the (proposed) Byron library site

 at work/ at play at the festival site

late sunday afteroon - the festival is drawing to a close as the clouds are gathering

Expect to see more when I recover my senses
and complete some of the things started

(I feel some booky things coming on)

mmmm thinking about my pillow and my bed

ahhh home



  1. Ooh! I spy a Rick Natrass book. He was such a funny man!

  2. Well congratulations on making it through successfully. Glad to see that you are home safe and sound. Really looking forward to hearing and seeing more about the whole experience once you are rested and recovered. xx

  3. Welcome home - there is no better place to be. Looking forward to catching up on the adventure of it all...rest well.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx