Friday, August 19, 2011

permy convergence...

It's been raining a soft delicious late-winter-melding-into-spring rain
good weather for staying indoors and doing slow tasks 
for me that's meant paperwork, more paperwork, some book-making work,
some slow binding (which I find very therapeutic),
planning for art works
and lots and lots of spring garden dreaming...

(hey who turned on the spring button? My earliest fruit trees have blossoms already!)

My garden has been sorely neglected since early last summer
 I didn't even get an autumn sowing started (eek!)

its the same old story we all tell
busy busy busy


Tomorrow and Sunday I'm heading into Bega town
for the South East Permaculture convergence

 (click to embiggen for readability)

If you read the poster you'll see that on Sunday David Holmgren is launching a new book.... 'Permaculture Pioneers' oooh excitement - it's all about little aussie permaculture pioneers.... including the south east's very own Vries Gravestein.... no points for guessing what my next book purchase will be!

Permaculture people are just about the very nicest most passionate people you'll meet anywhere around  - that's because permaculture is to its core rather a positive and proactive activity.... it's invigorating being around a whole mess of 'glass-half-full' people... no problem is too big that a permy won't optimistically try tackling it..... peak oil (peak everything!), climate change, famine, war, economic woe, poverty, inequality, GMO's, industrial agriculture, monsatan (no that's not a typo...), superbastards (masquerading as supermarkets...), idiotic politicians and policies, bugs on your cabbage... the answer is permaculture.

I can't wait to soak up the permy goodness (just like the ground is soaking up all the lovely rain!)



  1. i love being around those passionate about living right. i really don't quite belong, i'm the artist. my point of view is visual, so to speak. i suspect that you might have a little bit of the same going on?

  2. I always move a little to the side in any group setting.... I'm actually a very shy person and I find engaging with group dynamics quite challenging.... and yes - being an artist I see things differently to many other (so to speak!) I understand the world kinaesthetically (which might not always be obvious given that I get wordy here in bloggy land....)... so its 'interesting' going to things like this ... but all those passionate positive folk are lovely to be around!! (ps this morning I got to meet david holmgren.... making this a gold star day....)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx