Thursday, January 6, 2011

book journey....

rotary book fair

three little words that make my heart go pittery-pattery

yes I came home with a carload of books


and as I was putting the new tomes to bed I noticed that one find
(an oxford dictionary)
 held a cryptic message in the first pages...

I couldn't help myself.... I turned to page 67


so I tried 467...



and my favourite.... 



oh and when I got to 1431

3 lighter-than-air pressed violets blew up and kissed my face
(I had to chase them down and gently return them to their spot!)

and would you believe
I didn't even notice the relationship of words on the chosen page
and the specimen inserted until I looked through the camera....

I've closed the dictionay
and put it and its booty into my 'treasures' wunderkammer

I wonder if someone else will marvel at it in years to come.....



  1. That is so wonderful Ronnie, what a treasure.

  2. a mystery and a collection and a blessing from whomever...lucky you!

  3. Definitely wunderkammer material. What a delightful find. I have an old encyclopedia with bundles of beautiful silvery/gold silk taken from silkworm cocoons. I imagine a long-ago child carefully storing them there.

  4. It's an altered book!

    Love it, lucky you.

  5. What a lovely find. Isn't the book fair wonderful. I went yesterday too and came away with an armful (a bit pathetic compared to your haul I'm sure)... but got some wonderful poetry books including a copy of Sonnets of the Portuguese - E Barrett Browning. The most underrated poet in the English language I do so think.
    It is a very interesting place and you need at least half a day to trawl through everything.
    Might even go back today if I get the time
    Enjoy your finds. xo jane

  6. Very cool Ronnie - it's a keeper for sure! Books canhold so many memories and stories...

  7. Wonderful, Ronnie. How lucky that book found YOU! Sara x


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx