Saturday, January 1, 2011

all is quiet.....

new years day...

it's hot 

(mighty hot)

oh save my poor wilting garden!

As promised (or was that threatened?) I have completed my 'to-do' list for 2011 (and like me - did you find it as fascinating and insightful to read everyone's opinions and experiences of LISTS? .... I smell another project coming on.....) I plonked a copy of the list on my fb profile (so my fb friendlies have already had a chance to check it all out.... oh and leave some pithy comments there too!)

anyhoooo...... now all of my bloggy buddies (and assorted friendly stalkers...) can check it out too......

all the things I'm hoping to get done or get started in 2011.....
in no particular order - (big breath - here goes.....)

  • train cats to NOT jump on my head at 4am in the morning
  • survive solo exhibition (it's in february so fingers crossed I make it out alive)
  • organise paperwork and get tax return done (yeah right!)
  • prepare studio for public visits... ditto for garden
  • join SCPA - sapphire coast producers association ( and head off to the farmers markets with my parsley and pumpkins...
  • make very large bird exclusion cover for orchard
  • get back into the pool (eeeek! try to ignore the screams of young kids running away in fear)
  • create shade house plant propagation area
  • complete my promised BAO project (
  • plan/create permaculture food forest for the yard
  • create less waste
  • make curtains for sass
  • paint verandah and re-oil the decks
  • record the weather daily (set up the weather station that FP got as a chrissy gift about 5 years ago...)
  • create kiddies art program for cobargo PS..... inflict art program on young people too slow to run away
  • prepare for SOTE (
  • don't sweat the small stuff
  • help long-suffering-FP get new dairy up and going (with cows to milk...... make wish into universe for nice herd to appear from somewhere....anywhere....)
  • be more friendly.... try to frown less as it is creating wrinkles around the eyes
  • attend a local permablitz
  • get geese, make home for geese
  • learn to make bread (and scones..... for long-suffering-FP)
  • make music (find the guitar, grow callouses, play guitar) - get kiddies into music lessons
  • take EJ to gymnastics... and ballet.... try to help her find her inner princess... or at least to keep the hair out of her eyes
  • fix spinning wheel
  • finish at least 3 exegesis chapters... (oh brother!)
  • help sass feel good about reading... it's hard to feel good about reading when you have dyslexia
  • remember to attend meetings of organisations I have stupidly accepted a committee position....
  • remember WHAT organisations I have stupidly accepted a committee position on.... 
  • try not to wear my edward de bono black hat all the time (especially to committee meetings)
  • create full scale permaculture plan for yard and farm(s)
  • give EJ a super one-time-only big birthday bash
  • plant nut trees in extended yard
  • mulch the garden beds
  • drink more water - eat less chocolate
  • try not to offend and annoy as many people this year..... (rolls eyes)
  • forgive those who piss me off (this surely must be the least likely thing to get done on this list!)
  • apply to convert from MFA to PhD program
  • try not to throw books etc. at cats when they still jump on my head at 4am in the morning
  • prepare for the Very Big Event in May (more about this later..... shhhhh it's still a secret)
and of course......

here's  'ellie' - the good luck elephant.... 
I've rubbed her little head soooooooo now it's time to get started!

Lets see how many items I can cross off before the end of 2011!


  1. Great list,Rhonda. i hope you get to check off every single one of them. Love your little elehpant, so funky:)

    Love the idea of you have your studio open for visits. Could we, maybe, pretty please, book in for a homeschool visit there or would that be too many little people hands everywhere. If not, could we book just Lewi and I to come and sticky beak. Lewi is a budding artist and I'd love to extend his experiences this year with art pros {plus I secretly want to get inside that gorgeous studio of yours and look around:) }

    Let me know what you think.
    Thanks Kim x

  2. That's some list, Ronnie, good luck in getting them all ticked off. Some of them sound awfully hard but I guess you'll know what can be done - or planned to be done. Maybe I'll take a little inspiration from you and make a tiny list. xx

  3. Looong list. Very brave. I have avoided making the beginning of the year list, although did get through Xmas chaos with 6 pages of lists! (Compulsive list maker).
    May have to persuade you to give up some lists. Have had idea for art based on lists for quite a while - began collecting lists.

  4. I really like the fact that "conquer the universe" came after 40 other list items! That's one hell of a list... and I wish you every success in ticking all the items off, which I'm sure you will because you are possessed of amazing energy. Happy 2011 to you and your family and the New Year Cows!

  5. you must be exhausted with all that writing.
    burn the list and relax???
    happy new year

  6. I have to say I find your list terrifying - I would be burning it and/or checking my catatonic-self into "the clinic" if it was mine, but you are you and I am me, and I have every confidence that you'll have a strike rate of about 80% (apparently 100% means you've set you sights too LOW and I somehow doubt that's your problem).

  7. hee hee hee

    I LOVE reading all your comments!

    its so true amanda - that one person's comfort is another person's terrifying entity ..... I love all dogs - no matter how big, hairy, smelly, or scary-looking they appear... I've never had a bad moment around woofs


    I know this is not necessarily a universal experience.....

    same goes for lists I think - no matter how big, hairy, smelly or scary-looking - I find them all friendly and fun to be around

    (80% success eh? ok I'll take up the challenge! not sure how well I'll do training those cats...... I'm DEFINITELY a dog girl!)

  8. That's one absolutely fabulous list. Good on you for dreaming big and putting it out there. I'm sure you'll achieve amazing things.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx