Friday, December 31, 2010


confession time.

I am a list-maker...... worse - I am a COMPULSIVE and SLIGHTY MANIC list-maker.

the evidence?

I actually have whole books devoted to my lists..... in which my lists have sub-lists (lists for the lists!)

somewhat grotty looking book of lists from the late 1990s

Now I expect that there is a name for this condition (list-a-tosis? to-do-itis? resolutionamia?) whatever its name - it's a condition I know well (it's been with me since my teens) and one I embrace with both arms (come to me my beloved lists!)

Usually I keep most of my lists semi-private, they are scribbled in small little books, kept within easy reach (one never knows when one needs to tick off an item on the list, or add a little extra something, or make yet another 'mini' list!). My lists are ongoing affairs - with unchecked items carried forward to a new list - and they are not necessarily made as New Years resolutions (although I do generally look through the list at the end of each year - just to see how well I'm going on my quest!).

my current 'book of lists'.... it's small but deadly!

I have lists for all sorts of contingencies: there's my pragmatic and practical  'to-do' lists (sub-categories include 'around the yard', 'in the house'....which is of course broken up into room by room sub-lists...see what I mean by manic?); then I have my mini or events lists (like one I have going at the moment - preparing for my solo exhibition in February..... and I'll be starting another one shortly for EJ's Big Birthday Bash); and then I have my very esoteric, philosophical lists - that seemingly plot the course and basis of my life (at least they read like that in hindsight).

I find my lists reassuring; they pick me up when I feel down (nothing like looking at a big page of ticks against a 'to-do' list to make you feel all perky again); they keep me going when I'm unsure of the way forward ('now what was I meant to be doing?'); they help me remember to buy the cat food.

I like lists.

I'm presently reviewing my current lists and writing up my 'to-do' list for 2011 ..... and this time I'm going to post it as a note on my facebook page .... and heck - I think I'll share it here to! That way we can all come back at the end of 2011 and see how many ticks I might give myself! (I also happen to think, that by announcing your plans to the universe - well the universe just HAS to co-operate..... don't you think?)

see you on the flip side - with my new list...

**lifts glass**

cheers everyone!


  1. cheers to you, and maybe i'll write a list and keep in around instead of a) not writing it down or b) loosing the darn thing.

  2. At least your relationship with your lists is clear. I have a love-hate relationship with mine. Ticking off is great, but when they get too long they stress me out terribly. Carrying things over or diverting to another day, that may make me feel a little better, but it's only partially satisfactory I find. But there's nothing better than clearing a days' list entirely.
    These past few months I've gone online. I now use "TeuxDeux" both on my iphone and my computer. It's a great improvement - and much neater! Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Ronnie - I just love a list fiend! We start the day with a today list, each week with a this week list, and of course there's the month list and tonight we seriously do the 'year' list in all sorts of categories - health, work, travel, art, house, yard etc. I do sub-lists as well and basically find dotpoints all over the house. I'm not as organised as you - but we do have the big book of lists from 2005- 2010 which we will add to tonight! The joy, the immeasurable joy, of ticking things off (do you add things you do randomly to the list after you have done them just to get that satisfaction????) Happy 2011!

  4. Oh noooo.... the lists! I have lists, too, but this year (2010) got a bit demoralised with them and internalised them instead of writing them out. That way they could be a BIG SECRET and only I knew if I was failing! However, you've got me thinking and I might have to make a grand 2011 list just to prove something to myself - I'm just not sure what. My biggest problem is always having to achieve ONE MORE THING than was on the list: JUST TO PROVE SOMETHING to myself but again, I'm not sure what.... aaargh! Happy New Year Ronnie, and all the best for 2011! Sara x *clink*

  5. You are not the only one; I have many to-do lists on the go at any one time, sometimes it gets confusing and i consolidate them. I always keep the old ones, they go into a shoe box and I have recently begun using them in some of my book works;so binding them together into to-do list books. Yearly to-do lists always get scary and I tend to loose them, so I stick it all on one ongoing list that changes through the year,

    happy new list year!


  6. I have an online diary called List for Mum that I've kept for years (some link here to AbFab in my title but I've lost that in the sands of time) where I keep lists of what's happening in my life. I have books with lists to do and plans that may one day eventuate. But in my head are the real lists and that's a most unreliable place to keep them so maybe I'll try to get them out in the open this year. Cheers!xx

  7. Loved that post! I'm a list person too. 2010 though, for some weird reason, wasn't a list year for me and I have to say it was the most unorganised, stress-filled year! I'm getting back to my lists.

    Lists rule, OK!!!!


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