Thursday, December 9, 2010

orbis floris finished....

Is there anywhere on the eastern seaboard of Oz where it hasn't been raining (and raining and raining) over the last week?

no....  I didn't think so.....

all the moist weather has made my current art-making quite tricky... I've finally finished the hinged lid box for 'orbis floris II'..... but it's taking a long time to completely dry..... I've snuck the piece out from under weights for this quick pic....

 orbis floris (box top... featuring ink, thread and collage network 'drawing')


'orbis floris' (sans box!)

ooooo golly...  here comes another heavy downpour! (after ten years of drought I absolutely refuse to whine about too much rain!)



  1. It's not actually raining here at the minute, but there's an awful lot of water running down our flooded river - fortunately outside the levee bank around our town. I'm not whinging either after the drought we've just had.

    Thanks for the sneak peek - it looks fantastic!

  2. Hey, we had sun today AND yesterday AND I managed to dry the washing! Love the collage/drawing approach - looks great and I can't wait to see the finished piece... Sara x

  3. Yes the wet makes it interesting for paper artists hey? This is looking gorgeous and I love the splotches with the circles and the stitched lines- and the little letters in the little circles for the title. I hope it arrived in time to be accepted -if not, we hope to see it at Spiral instead!
    PS - brilliant sunshine today after quite a bit of wet!

  4. i like the cover. i am reminded a bit of tim ely's work.

  5. Ooh! that's just gorgeous! Makes me think of wattle blossom.
    Actually I was in Sydney from last Sun - Fri and there was barely a drop of rain. Which I thought was quite odd, given the flooding elsewhere in the state!

  6. I hadn't thought of wattle blossoms amanda - gosh I'm pleased you spoke up! you're right it DOES look like wattle and I love that idea!

    it's been dry and not too muggy here today - I hope it was likewise in other places in the state (it seems everywhere over the ranges has been drenched then drenched again this week)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx