Saturday, January 22, 2011

nose to grindstone...

It's now less than four weeks until the opening of my solo show at spiral gallery..... and although I intend for it to be a very low key affair, I'm still busy making a few things to add to the mix.

oh and if things work out, I'm also going to take a few of these....

 .... as part of an installation for the small sculpture show at Sculpture on the Edge (I just realised I'm supposedly speaking at the sculpture symposium at SotE as well.... I'll tell more about this when I know more.... but I think I'll make a little prop to distract the audience while I blab on about 'ephemeral amongst the monumental' or something like that)

oh and I'm organising a top secret sculpture intervention as a tag-along bit for SotE (hee hee hee - shhhhh - don't tell anyone down this way.... not even the SotE folk know about it.... I don't want to ruin the SURPRISE! but I promise I'll drop a hint here just beforehand .... keep your eyes peeled in early march)

so I suppose you could say I've got my nose firmly to the arty grindstone right now



  1. It all sounds GREAT! I am sure your art presence will be 1st class! Good luck with EVERYTHING!!!

  2. I love your atlasy flowers. Curious now about your secret project. You are a dynamo!


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