Saturday, June 28, 2014

been there... done that....

a quick jaunt to sydney with a bunch of kiddies
(including our sassy-boyo)

from the rooftop of the YHA right in the heart of the city
things look a bit different to the usual vision
of cows and chooks and trees and paddocks of green


(I take it as a good sign)

the journey...

  under the bridge

our destination...

where the cobargo kiddies

join the nearly 700-strong primary school massed recorder and strings ensemble

for one night only at the Sydney Opera House

they performed

the Can-Can

and a new work called 'Gulaga Dreaming'
(how special for our mob, who actually LIVE near Gulaga mountain...)

and 'Prince Ivan' - a special work written just for the massive group

they all played so beautifully

what an amazing experience for a young lad from the bush....

(and his mumma-bear)



  1. What a wonderful trip with a terrific ending to the day.. a night of music.

  2. i really can only imagine that sound!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx