Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a little bit foggy but otherwise fine...

 Last week I returned to casual teaching in the local high school
after an absence of more than four years 

talk about foggy head!

was casual teaching always this tiring?

and this week I've had a high school student spend time in my studio
doing work experience

which resulted in lots of notes (hers)
about booky things...

 and first forays into the wonderful world of handmade booky things

concertina/ accordion books covered with old maps
(found in my treasure chest map drawers)

a first stab at binding
(coptic.... naturally...)

and already she is happily filling those blank pages 
with all sorts of creative deliciousness...

and that's what I remember I liked about teaching youngens

the possibility of igniting a life-long passion for bookyness and creativity

oh yesssss



  1. That's so encouraging, Ronnie, a lovely and heart warming post. Lucky kids to have you as a teacher, I suspect!

  2. All teaching is tiring - it's emotionally draining whether it's casual or regular!

  3. Wonderful student of a super wonderful teacher!!!

  4. It is always wonderful seeing new areas open up to the uninitiated isn't it Ronnie?

  5. Lucky girl - to have you as a teacher.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx