Sunday, February 2, 2014


hot summer days....

summer holidays finally over 
(small sob - this summer was so much fun without the pressure of 
study study study or work work work... but all good things must come to an end)

I have been wishing our pear glut would end... 

we have eaten so many pears that the very sight of them now instills just a little bit of fear

(little bit)

I have dried pears, juiced pears, slipped pears into curries and into salads

I have pickled pears...

and made jars and jars of pear chutney


 mmmmmmm pears!

also on the bench (for weeks and weeks and weeks it turns out)

is my inaugural batch of limoncello

(sounds as good as it tastes on a sunny summer afternoon)

ahhhhh limoncello - you potent little brew you

(you tricky little bugger you)

talk about a labour of love - and many many weeks of waiting

limoncello - where you put lemon zest
(without even a teeny bit of pith or it will be ruined)
and vodka in a jar and wait and wait and wait

then you make a sugar syrup and add this to the vodka/lemon peel mix
and wait and wait and wait

then you strain off the zest to leave...

a jar of something that looks like chilled pee!!!!

thankfully it tastes rather yum
drink it straight *wolf!!* with ice or a frozen cube of lemon juice if you are brave

or mix with sparkly water

lay back and feel the golden rays of summer warm you from the inside out

oooooo yessssssss



  1. It looks like it has been a great garden summer Ronnie - and so nice to have the time to spend with the produce!

  2. We put our limoncello in the freezer so it's nice and cold when a little sip is required. Have meant to attempt making my own since being introduced to the delicious drink...about 8 years ago...but have yet to do so. Maybe now that you've inspired me...

    Glad to hear your summer has been wonderful. As for the pears, they look and sound heavenly. Pear cobblers with a bit of ginger are always good. Have you tried eco dyeing or printing with them? Just wondering. Enjoy!

  3. Oh yum - pears and limoncello! You definitely have been a busy thing plus all of those puppies! Pleased to be seeing a cooler, lovelier day around these parts today. x


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx