Monday, February 10, 2014

and then there were two...

over the last week our household has gone from this...

to this... 

oooo my heart nearly broke into itty bitty pieces as six mini hounds
went to their various (wonderful) new forever homes

and we are left with two little mini hounds

sigma and gamma

tiggy-tiggy and gams will be our boys

and over the next year I will spend much of my time 
teaching them the ways of the creek

they will learn how to behave around cattle and sheep
to swim in the surf 
and travel in the vehicles
to run beside bikes and fetch sticks and balls

the will learn an array of commands
('sit', 'come', 'stay', 'drop', 'down', 'ball', 'up', 'in', 'over', 'behind', 'outside', 'wait'....
these boys are kelpie x collies
- pretty much the smartest dogs in the known universe -
so they can learn over 100 verbal commands if you have the patience to teach them...) 

 it's our job to show them what their purpose in life is
and help them grow into the special dogs that I know they are ready to be

oh this is going to be a glorious adventure!


  1. aawwww, these are tooo tooo sweet.
    i had a kelpie once , the most beautiful dog ever , bar none

  2. Nothing is better than puppy love. Can't wait to follow your adventures.

  3. one day soon i will be cutting up my frequent flyer card
    and finding Border Collie number 7...

  4. So beautiful, enjoy your adventures!

  5. Lucky dogs to have such a good home and an active and stimulating purpose in life.

  6. You are SO a girl after my own heart, miz ronnie ;>]]
    Smooches from me onto those dear noses!

  7. so glad that you have some beautiful pups to love, two are enough. really. !!!

  8. awww...they are sooooo adorable!!!

  9. Hi there ~ I enjoyed reading about your journey & those dogs all look adorable ~

    I came across your Art Gesture Sunday Week and wanted to use your images about the dying art of books for our April prompt in Imaginary Garden for Real Toads ~

    This is our poetry community:

    I will be featuring your images (all credit to you) and it will be our muse for our pens.

    Kindly let me know if you are amenable to be featured with your pictures in our poetry community ~ All the best ~


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx