Saturday, January 12, 2013

another day...

A quick post as a reminder 
Tomorrow I'll be drawing a name from a hat 
to send this little handmade book to...


 AND I'll be organising to post a zine
(and possibly a little something else)
for everyone who has picked a favourite gesture (or gestures)
and (this is the important bit) sent me their postal details

so leave a comment, drop me an email, or otherwise get in touch


in other news
Brogo fire - the day after the worst of it...
still putting out trouble spots with the assistance of 'fire bird' (the firefighting helicopter)
this is one of my father's pics - he's a Group Captain with the RFS

Thanks for all the concerned notes and calls - this week has been a long, tough, hot affair for many in this hot, dry land. The Brogo fire to my south has been extinguished (one of the few in NSW to be completely controlled - yay!) but over the hills and not far enough away to our west, the largest fire in NSW - the Yarrabin fire - still rages on.... Fortunately the weather has not been totally appalling (not like Tuesday) which has slowed the fire from entering the forests behind our place.... today there is a lot of smoke and haze blowing in from the fire - its going to continue to be a nerve-wracking time for everyone in this part of the world until we get drenching rain...


  1. Dear Ronnie, such a relief to know you are fire free so far. I've never used an app so much as my "fires near you" that lets me check my area, yours, my daughter's and other friends. For us, today was better than expected, and right now it seems positively delightful! Amazing, isn't it, that we so love this country of fire, drought and flood, and yet we do. We are very lucky to have this wide brown land. We just need to be as tough as it is. Stay safe. XOX

  2. It's good to know you're safe. I keep reading reports and trying to figure out how to do a rain dance that will send our wet weather your way.

    Be well. Be safe.

  3. going to be a long hot summer of crossed fingers, i suspect. which makes typing a bit tricky.

  4. It's been a trial for so many Ronnie. Good to know you are safe, but I feel for those who have lost family or friends...and stock.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx