Saturday, January 26, 2013

an australia day message from sams creek...

This Australia Day has gone to the birds
and I don't mean the turkeys that use the day as an excuse for drunken rants about
what a 'real' Australian looks and acts like
and how many of them can fit on the hood of a hotted up Holden

Here at Sams Creek we know a true little Aussie when we see one...

lyrebird of sams creek (who's a pretty boy) from ronnie ayliffe on Vimeo.

*I loved this collection of stills of this lyrebird from 'critter cam'
so overnight I made my first little video and joined the vimeo community


He's a good looking boy don't you think?

 Australia - land of great birds.

(and that's worth a celebrating wot?)



  1. Ronnie, he's wonderful! I've seen lyre birds but never at such close quarters. Happy Australia Day to all Australian wild life.

  2. what a curious chap ! entertaining it would seem for him and for us.thinking you may be getting some rain now, sending it down your way from here.

    1. he was a curious george! if you could see how the infrared remote camera works it would make more sense what he was reacting to - the camera is silent, but a tiny red light flashes indicating the camera has detected motion and this activates the camera to take 5 frames (one every second or so) until the next motion is detected (then there's another short red light) and so on.... so you can see the bird is reacting to the tiny red light... then he trots off then the light goes again and his interest returns --- ha ha ha -- he is the only animal I've spied doing this.... quite a character!

  3. That's classic! Great video Ronnie, I can't help thinking how annoying it would be to have your eyes placed on either side of your head!! Well, I guess you get used to it....

  4. ronnie, i thoroughly enjoyed the birdness of this guy. how curious he was! i was wondering if it was the lens and if there was a reflection, but you say it's a red light, which is probably totally fascinating.

  5. It is worth celebrating indeed. Great video, and hope you are keeping safe from fire and flood. It's been bucketing here, but now on the way south.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx