Tuesday, April 3, 2012

kicking it into high gear...

The May opening date for Sams Creek Bookworks is approaching at an alarming rate (eeek!!!)
so we've kicked things up a gear here at the creek...

Today we took delivery of a mini B-Double load of mulch

and so you get  better idea of just how much mulch a mini B-dub load looks like...... 

here's our strappy big boyo up on top the 6ft high pile......

 yes its a LOT of mulch!
 (67 metres aka 28 tonne - 
which I think is more accurately described as a FRIGHTFUL amount of mulch! 
we will start to move this mountain tomorrow)

The garden is an integral part of the 'bookworks' operation - it's vital to get to a certain stage for opening day - so we've been planting and weeding and preparing garden bits everywhere.....

purple garlic on the go 

 broad bean seedlings (and weeds galore!)

I love working in the garden in autumn.

We've started painting the exterior of the studio (weird sneak peek of the door colour - a word of warning - if you visit in person you might want to don sunglasses first hee hee heee)

I feel a little bit like a mouse on a wheel right now.... going around and around and around ... but not really getting anywhere.... I just see all the jobs not yet done and am having a small freak out!

Just to add to the stress - I'm in the middle of another exegesis chapter (must be handed in the other side of Easter - eeeeeeeek!!!!!) and as you've heard me whinge before - writing does NOT come easy for me..... this chapter is a real challenge (why-oh-why did I think I could write anything about Pragmatic philosophy and link this to my work? foolish woman!)

at least I have the garden and studio preparations to think about - which might help me stay sane!



  1. Hm. Sounds like the pragmatic solution is to burrow into the mulch and practise avoidance at all costs!

  2. hee hee heee - my pragmatic response is to get out my little whip and make threatening motions toward long-suffering partner (who has the keys' to the tractor with the very big bucket on the front.... ) I know whose idea would be less taxing my my muscles!

  3. I've never seen so much mulch ronnie! It all sounds much more exciting than working on the exegesis chapter.

  4. I have mulch envy! Yes, get the big machine to help you. So wish I could be there on the opening day but I'm planning a visit to friends near you later in the year and will definitely be dropping in some time.

  5. Thats one hell of a job woman!

    You will get there of course...but phew... nose to the grind! Maybe you need an arty 'Woofer' to help with the garden... do you know people who do that?

    Good writing...!

  6. My arms and back are aching just looking at that pile. But it will feel great when its done! I hate that feeling when EVERYTHING is a priority and its so hard to sort them into sequence and time commitment...good luck with the Easter writing; hope you salve it with a wine or chocolate or both.

  7. Oh good luck with writing that chapter, I'm all too familiar with that pain. And deep breath, it'll all be fine in the end :)


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