Saturday, April 14, 2012

avert yer eyes.....

Sass snapped a quick pic of me lurking behind the 
(oooooo where are my sunglasses?) 
newly painted studio doors.....

nothing like a shockingly bright orange to stop traffic 

(we hope) 

its now just (gulp) 3 weeks until opening day for sams creek bookworks






  1. Had to tweet this Ronnie... I LOVE it !!!

    wish I was down the road,

  2. both (grand) entrance to the studio and artist: 1st class!!! How I wish I lived closer...

  3. FAB doors (how much do I luv that color?!?!)...and totally cute photo of you ;>]]
    3 weeks & counting? Hooray!

  4. Fantastic ronnie, wish I was somewhere close by! When I saw the little thumbnail photo, I thought you'd made a book - but now I see it's you hiding behind the book covers!

  5. Love it! Gorgeous orange. can't wait to see it in real life, soon, I hope.

    BTW I've just listed you as one of my fave bloggy fixes over at Feather & Nest. xxx

  6. Doors look great!
    Best of luck with the lead up to your opening.

  7. looks gorgeous! It feels exciting, warm and welcoming - as well as intriguing (shakin' stevens or some such??)

    I hope it goes brilliantly - we will be stuck here sadly; but may be there another time the bw is open...

  8. That Orange is gloriously joyful, Ronnie, and you look juust lovely peeking out the doors.

    Do wish I could get to the opening but I know I'll get there before long.


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