Saturday, April 21, 2012

and another thing....

soooooo our garden is coming along apace... 
(even though it's been v. wet this week - almost another flood)

but I'm starting to panic that we won't get everything done in time for the big open day

I started the big studio interior clean up today

 oooo my 
(so much to do - so little time...)

getting the place ready is all I can think about right now

Boots and Dante don't seem to share my sense of urgency or worry..... 
and they aren't much help tidying things up either!



  1. LURVELURVELURVE these photos, Ronnie! Can I be totally annoying & ask you which app (?) you are using? So FAB!

    Don't worry, it will all come together just fine, you'll see :>]]

  2. geee thanks for the lurve SP - I have had an ongoing love affair with the hipstamatic app - all the square format pics on the blog (ie pretty much every single pic over the last year) has been taken with a hipsta on my hi-fone.... I don't 'fiddle' with the pic - just resize and post as is..... ooo fun!

  3. Sounds like you ned a working bee my friend!

    Pity there are so many miles between here and there!

    go well!


  4. Yes, cats don't get tidying really do they? Makes me wonder who is the wiser. Good luck with it - I'm sure your visitors won't be half as picky as you are!

  5. Remember to breathe and it will all come together; it will be a blur, but a huge buzz of a blur! I love the helpful cat shot...most typical in my experience! Or else they're sitting on your paper...

  6. Thanks, Ronnie. I thought they were hipsta but gotta tell ya, MY hipsta shots don't look anything as spiffalicious as yours! I better get out there & practice some more.

    Thanks again, hope you're hangin' in there.


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