Saturday, February 19, 2011


'codex interruptum' - the interrupted book
some more pics for all of you that can't get to the show....

(if you are able to get to Sprial Gallery between now and March 9 -
avert ye eyes now lest you ruin the surprise!)

Through the door to the right.... 'codex nautilus' with the installation 'navicula' on the floor
(nicely bounded by the
strange crappy coloured cement floor insert)  

on the right hand wall - as well as photographic works that you can't see (a girlie has to keep just a little bit of mystery...) there's a skinny little shelf that seems purpose-built for 'serpens volumen' arcus pluvius (it wasn't btw)...  above is 'virtus libris' (the virtuous book) and below is a de/recontruction of its (dirty) components - 'virtus ex libris' (virtues from the book)

if we quickly rush back to the front door again....

to our left we have various photographic work along with the installation of ‘panton volvit plenus orbis’ – (everything turns full circle) that has my carved reclaimed high school 'Gardeners' text..... 'ars gratia artis' perched on a plinth

(I do hope my old high school teachers don't come and look inside the cover of this unreturned textbook..... if they spy the 'Bega High School' stamp they may try to claim the work... hee hee hee)

at the back of the space on the left is my little 'book' shop with ‘novus libri scientia’  (The New book of Knowledge) overhead.... (I'm so pleased I included this little celebration of the craft of book binding... not only will it no doubt be the only place where I may recoup some of the exhibition costs.... it is a celebration of craft and bookyness amongst scenes of book destruction!)

oh and how did the opening go did you ask? 
very very very very very 
I served huge platters of fresh fruit (mmmm yummy watermelon) and my mummy made her world infamous corn relish dip (very retro, as one arty friend pointed out) 
a small collection of mostly non-arty folk attended 
(and I thank every single one of you for braving the hid-e-ous conditions)
 my little 'book' shop was quite a hit

(mmmmm books!)

My favourite thing over the past few days of set up has been young kids coming past and spying the little paper boats in the window - they then come to the doorway to peek inside.... sometimes I see the same young ones returning (dragging reluctant parents along for the ride).... it's great to see them curious and thinking....

My least favourite thing has been the damn sticky stuff on the back of the magnarts (the magnetic hanging gizmos..... I'll show and tell more on these another time for the uninitiated).... in the durn humidity the sticky stuff hasn't been sticking! eeegads!

My favourite peeps have been (and I thanks them from the bottom of my weary little body): my spiralette curator - kimmy (heart of gold, patience of a saint, talented as all get-out); Chris and Rob (and shop girls) at Fletchers Bega (you guys are the best.... really... the best); Poppy and Emma and Tanja and old mates and new mates for making it to opening night.

and of course - de family (where would I be without my loving, caring, patient, giving, spectacular mob.....?)

now..... on to the next huge job...
(the garden looks dreadful!)



  1. Ok I admit it - I peeked! One thing that made me very happy was red dots! I love seeing red dots for artists - so wonderful to know people are buying art and that good people are being recognised. Fingers crossed...

  2. congratulations! looks like a great exhibition. wish i could see it in the flesh.

  3. You gave us a wonderful tour; it feels as if I was there and walked through admiring the presentation, the pieces, the art, THE talent!
    Congratulations, and to many more!!!

  4. red dots are very very good. and a big KUDOS you DID it!!! YAY. looks good, and of course i can't see it so i really enjoyed your tour.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Ronnie! At last you can enjoy seeing it all up, after slaving away at it for so long... I love the really looooong shelf and the really looooong book on it - that's the one I'd buy! So glad your opening was fun, and congratulations on all the red dots. Have a wonderful time, Sara x

  6. Finally checking the blogs - thanks for the pics. The show looks good - and I spy red dots. Red dots are v encouraging, well done.

  7. Thank you for posting photos of your exhibit. It looks like a wonderful installation! So glad I could even if only virtually. :) (The little shelf for 'serpens volumen' arcus pluvius is perfect.)


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