Thursday, February 17, 2011

mostly up....

After a looooong day installing - 'codex interruptum'  is (mostly) up...

here are a few sneaky peeks...

 'navicula' (the little boat)
installation of origami boats constructed from encyclopaedia pages
and encyclopaedia tower islands

 ‘panton volvit plenus orbis’ – (everything turns full circle)
installation of coptic bound circular 'book' forms
created from reclaimed atlases
dimensions variable

 this is the REAL installation - and not just a faked up one (using sticky tape and the hall wall!)

view through the space
with some booky things in the middle
leading off to a fiery back wall - featuring the photographic trio
'sic transit gloria mundi' (thus passes the glory of the world)

I still have some things to do in the space...
more things to bring to spots allocated...
the works list to complete....
 and all the opening night things to organise...
(like - what to wear.... agghhh!)

but before I get to the opening of my exhibition -
I have the district school swimming carnival to attend with our little fish-boyo sass

It's certainly not easy to do all things
at all times
for all the different parts
that make you a whole person....

but try we must!

**p.s. if you are in the area tomorrow evening 

please feel welcome to come along - It's going to be a very low-key opening night celebration

47 Church St
Bega NSW 2550


  1. Looking wonderful! Enjoy the swimming carnival and then your opening. Best, best, best wishes for a successful and happy exhibition. xx

  2. How I wish I were in the area...
    Best of luck at the opening, at the swimming carnival and everything in between; the installation looks WONDERFUL!

  3. I feel dreadful that I can't be there!
    Best of luck for the opening, I will hover around the space in spirit (and send all my Bega contacts).

  4. now i'm getting a sense of this, and you are thought the opening (not sure of the time/dat/warp) but major congratulations.

  5. Looks like a fabulous installation. Wish I was closer to Bega to have a REAL look.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx